Strengthening Integrated Zika Virus Epidemics Prevention and Aedes Mosquito Management and Containment Programs Innovations in Africa

With over 72 countries and territories affected worldwide with Aedes mosquito-transmitted Zika virus disease and estimated over millions of people are at high ZIKV risk including pregnant women in these Aedes mosquito-prone settings. The recent epidemic events further stress the everincreasing need and value of national public health evidence-based decision-making policy, budget allocation and programs in protecting vulnerable communities. This paper highlights Aedes vector ecological determinants and impacts mitigation and adaptation approaches in strengthening and in scaling-up integrated Aedes mosquito management programs and ZIKV epidemics prevention and containment measures across Aedes-prone African countries. The paper advocates for the urgency to establish and strengthen effective and robust local and national public health laboratories surveillance and inter-sectorial monitoring capabilities in scaling-up evidence-based and integrated Aedes vector management programs and Zika virus (ZIKV) preparedness and emergency response capacity and activities. This paper provides the prerequisite in scaling-up integrated cost-effective Aedes vectors community awareness and empowerment in risk alertness and communication strategies, and Zika virus populationbased detection, diagnosis and reporting systems in guiding evidence-based epidemiologic, clinical and environmental programs implementation innovations at all levels in vulnerable countries such as Africa. Moreover, improving shared responsibility and participation are vital. Furthermore, instituting robust, effective and sustainable local/national preparedness and emergency response systems capacity is crucial in existing and future arthropodborne threats and disasters.


Ernest Tambo, Christopher Khayeka-Wandabwa, Oluwasogo A Olalubi, Jeanne Y Ngogang and Emad IM Khater

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