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2017: Volume 2, Issue 2
Research Article: J Mol Pathol Epidemiol (1)
CWD Tuberculosis Found in Spongiform Disease Formerly Attributed to Prions: Its Implication towards Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie and Alzheimers
Author(s): Lysenko AP PhD,Broxmeyer L MD, Vlasenko VV PhD, Krasochko PA PhD, Lemish AP and Krasnikova EL
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2017: Alzheimers now: epidemiology, progress, challenges, and research gaps
Research Article: J Mol Pathol Epidemiol (01)
Alzheimers Disease: The Resilience Approach to Making the Family Care of People Living with Alzheimers Sustainable
Author(s): Parkinson M, Carr SM, Abley C and Rushmer R
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Review Article: J Mol Pathol Epidemiol (02)
Are the Infectious Roots of Alzheimers Buried Deep in the Past?
Author(s): Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer
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